Ekstasis (2021)

Ekstasis is a mobile app based avatar scenario. It is written in Swedish and made for four friends, intended to be played/performed at home. It is a co-production with Pusselbit games. Premiered on iOS/Google Play on December 3rd, 2021. Performed at Storytech in Gävle.

Hör så tyst det är (2020)

What is the sound of silence? Listen, how quiet is an interactive headphone-based piece where the audience is invited to experience and perform a concert composed by almost quiet sounds and acoustic materials. The work was originally commissioned by Regionteatern Blekinge & Kronoberg with kids age 9-11 as primary target group. Premiered September 17, 2020. Nominated for the awards at Bibu 2022. ON TOUR: Touring info in Swedish.

Passivity Rules/Memories of Being Hanged (2020/2022)

Passivity Rules / Memories of Being Hanged is a performance and-or film based on movement and speech. Passivity Rules / Memories of Being Hanged builds on experiences of being tied, especially in the context of rope bondage. The piece is a spin-off of the performance Someone You Trust (from 2018).

Passivity rules are systems where passivity facilitates something, opens up something. It is also an interjection, puting passivity first: Passivity rules! Memories of being hanged stands for experiences of losing control over one’s passivity, being close to dying or disappearing, concretely or metaphorically. Passivity Rules/Memories of Being Hanged is about what is going on in a body that seems to sink, let go, lose its grip – or that actually does. The piece has played in Skogen, Inkonst and Weld.

Fallet Exet (2019)

Fallet Exet is an interactive missing-person drama for teens, commissioned by Teater Västernorrland. It was written and directed by Ebba and Gabriel. Kerstin made scenography and light. The audience is guided by an app developed in collaboration with Pusselbit Games. Premiered 18:th of September. The tour included 70 showings. More in Swedish

Someone you trust (2018/2019)

A two-act performance based on listening, consent and bondage. The first act is participatory, you join it by bringing someone you trust. The second act is a bondage session where Tova Gerge and Britta Kiessling performs. Premiered at Skogen, Gothenburg, November 23:rd.

Twelve talking dolls: The subjects (2018/2019)

The dolls awake. They scream, cry and comfort, threaten and pray, seduce and order, invoke and plead, explain, hypnotize, confess and terrorize. As an audience member you can pick the dolls up and hold them, take care of them and manipulate them. Or just listen. Twelve talking dolls: The subjects premiered at Orionteatern, Stockholm, 5th of November and was performed at Inkonst, Malmö as well as Antenna festival in Gnesta. All in all performed 19 times and is still accessible for touring. More in EnglishMore in Swedish.

Tolv talande dockor: Känslorna (2018/2019)

Twelve talking dolls visit a classroom. They talk, sing and interact with the audience, age 10-12. Premiered September 24 at Scenkonst Sörmland. More in Swedish.

Processen (2018)

Processen (The Trial) is an adaptation of Kafka’s classic novel for theatre. We make it in collaboration with director Ragna Wei and Borås stadsteater. Tova has written the script for the stage, while Ebba and Gabriel has written and directed a participatory avatar work that intersect with the theatre performance. Premiered March 17. More in Swedish.

Nattens Gudinna (2017)

Nattens gudinna (Goddess of Night) is a participatory performance for teens made with Uppsala stadsteater. It revolves around the use and experience of hands: touching, feeling, communicating, shaping. Nattens gudinna was performed 32 times for a total audience of 960. More info in swedish. Photo documentation.

X-Dimensional Cards (2017)

A poetic, table top role play-inspired tool kit for excursions in spoken language, imagination and the surroundings. Read more and download game manual (pdf). Developed during an artistic research project on fictions and portals in collaboration with Teater InSite.

Spöken i maskinen (2016)

Spöken i maskinen (Ghosts in the Machine) is a radio drama in 5 episodes and 5 podcasts produced for Swedish public service Sveriges radio, Drama för unga. Listen in swedish.

Tactical Meditations (2016/2017)

Tactical Meditations is a 3 hour participatory piece. The audience is invited to join different exercises related to our cybernetic relations to technology and media. It has been performed at Turteatern in Stockholm, Inkonst in Malmö, at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, and at the Calle Libre festival in Vienna, all in all 20 times.

Join (2015/2017)

Join is part theater performance, part play with the audience, all wrapped in cozy dystopian corporate culture. It was produced in collaboration with Teater InSite in Malmö. Temporal working groups play, read, talk, watch videos and listen to voices together. Join has been performed in Malmö, Hässleholm, Lund, Ängelholm, Helsingborg, Borås and Stockholm, all in all 19 times.

Din inre röst (2014/2015/2016/2017)

Din inre röst (Your inner voice) is a class room piece made with ung scen/öst for 10-15 year olds. The piece is a low-key phenomenological investigation of space and directions, guided by a ghostly voice on 16 different channels. Din inre röst has been played 192 times in different schools in Östergötland for a total audience of 4260. In 2016 and 2017 the piece is on tour with Scenkonst Sörmland and Borås stadsteater.

The Hospitality (2014)

The Hospitality is a role-playing scenario that was produced for Gothenburg dance and theatre festival. It has also been played at Stockholm Scenario festival, internally at Ung scen/öst in Linköping and at Grenselandet larp festival in Oslo. It is based on the idea of choreocracy – power through movement. The Hospitality is available for download in English and French. It’s been performed 7 times.

Human Agency (2014)

Human Agency is a piece about how technologies enables and disables human fellowship. There are 30 audience members and 12 head-phones that switch heads as the piece progress. Avatars meet ordinary human beings. Human Agency has been performed 6 times at Turteatern, Stockholm and Inkonst, Malmö. Photo documentation.

Konstnärsspelet / Artist Survival Simulator (2014)

Konstnärsspelet is a web based twine game about life conditions for artists. It was later translated to english and published under the title Artist Survival Simulator. In 2015 we did a physical multiplayer version of the digital game (in swedish).

Drömdykarna (2013)

Drömdykarna (Oneironauts) was a participatory performance written and produced exclusively for Unga Dramaten (Royal theatre). It was made for 10-13 year old kids and featured different dream rooms where different game mechanics applied. Sounds and voices were distributed to the audience on 30 individual frequencies.

Avatarvaro (2011/2012)

Avatarvaro, roughly translated The Avatar Condition, premiered 2011 as a production made with Unga tur and played at Turteatern. The artistic team behind later decided to form Nyxxx. In 2012 we played the piece at Inkonst in Malmö. In Avatarvaro the audience are directed by head-phone instructions in groups of 6. Avatarvaro has been played 7 times.