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Podcast #19 – Kritik & spektakel

Ebba, Gabriel och Tova pratar om kritik av deltagarkultur och deltagarbaserad konst. De frågar sig om Claire Bishop tror att deltagaren har förmåga att vara sin egen kritiker eller inte, återvänder till en debatt om estetiskt ansvar och rollspelande, och minns alla sina recensenter och hur de brukade skriva om dem.

Claire Bishop’s “Participation and Spectacle: Where Are We Now?”

Tovas text om kritiken av Just a Little Lovin’ (PDF) s. 279

Musik ur Taktiska meditationer

Albin gives talk on Nattens gudinna at Interaction | Unfinished

Here comes an invitation from friends in Alibier, Norway!


Interaction | Unfinished is a one-day event on interaction in arts, larp and entertainment in Oslo, Norway. Daytime, we have short stories told by creators of interactive pieces. Nighttime, we have “tasting pieces” where you can experience or more interactive pieces.

Short Stories

  • The Dinner Party – Anna Karin Linder
  • Larping Into a Museum – Jaakko Stenros
  • Collectively Creating Interaction – Albin Werle
  • Musical Theater of the Future – Cesar Alvarez
  • Co-creating political landscapes in theatre-based larp – James Harper
  • Getting Americans to Touch Each Other – Johanna Koljonen and Bjarke Pedersen
    (more coming soon!)


  • Open Movement Concert – Lo Ersare
  • The Eight Palace – Nina Runa Essendrop and Cesar Alvarez
  • Goddess of the Night – Albin Werle
    (more coming soon!)


  • Place: Kulturhuset Youngstorget 3, 0181 Oslo, Norway
  • 20 February at 11:00–23:00
  • Facebook event
  • Tickets

The event is part of Laivdagene / Week-in Norway organized by Knutepunkt and produced by Alibier. The event is supported by the Norwegian Arts Council.



Albin Werle is a visual artist and a member of the Nyxxx collective. He is currently doing his masters degree at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. His work consists of formulating real and imaginary games in a variety of materials, ranging from ceramics and 3D-printing to choreography and conversations.

Exploring the esthetics of interaction and asking how artists, activists and philosophers can turn into game designers, he seeks to merge the “art world” with the “game world”.

Nattens Gudinna (Goddess of the Night) is written to be performed in a traditional theatre institution. In their work, the art collective Nyxxx focus on utilizing non-hierarchical collaborations internally, and strive to invite the workers of the institution and the participants in the performance to take part in formulating its content.

The Hospitality – Now in French!

When we wrote the larp-inspired social game The Hospitality for Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival in 2014, we were under the influence of different French philosophers, such as Bataille, Derrida and Barthes. Since then, this ultra comfortable spaceship saga about collective agency and loss has appeared and disappeared in Linköping (ung scen/öst), Stockholm (Scenario Festival) and Oslo (Grenselandet). But this autumn, something extra ordinary happened: Stephane Rigoni translated The Hospitality into French and along with Stéphanie Ailloud and Batiste Carpinetty run it this August during the third instalment of LaboGN, a Larp summer camp in France.


The game run had 20 players, and a lot of cool light that we never thought of ourselves. What more is, The Hospitality might be staged in France again. One player from the first French run wants to take it to her home town, and the scenario will also be posted soon on a French portal for sharing Larp scenarios of different kinds. It feels like quite a beautiful thing that this very anti-ownership scenario goes on a road trip without us. On croise les doigts pour L’Hospitalité!




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