Photo: Ekaterina Lukoshkova

11-12 of May the two act performance Someone You Trust plays at Skogen in Gothenburg, in connection to the literature festival Intimate Acts. The performance consists in one participatory act, where you get instructions for doing rope bondage together, and one watching act where Tova Gerge and Britta Kiessling follow other but similar instructions for a rope suspension that takes them on a trip in time and space. Follow the first link for more info and sign up.

We did the performance with audiences five times now, and every time it turns out so differently. Sometimes giggly and light, other times darker. But so far always with a touch of stoic humour and care. And also very diverse audience reactions, interpretations, conversations. We’re looking so much forward to see where it goes next!

Someone You Trust will also play at Gylleboverket in July and Inkonst in November.