This game wishes to engender moments where something is both true and false at once, where the layers of reality perceived by our bodies drift apart.

You can download the game play it yourself with a group of friends or strangers.

There are ten cards and a manual that suggests several different ways to use the cards.  They can be used to describe what you see when you look around, but they can also be used to imagine things you may not be able to see. It wants to serve as a collective act of dreaming, wherein outside and inside are interwoven, where we share imagination, and where we drift through reality’s different dimensions, travel through portals, read thoughts and hack perceptions. A poetic, table top role play-inspired tool kit for excursions into spoken language, imagination and the surroundings.

The game manual is free to download and print. It is not to be sold or taken profit from in any way. Everyone can master a game session, just read through the manual first, to get a grip of the game. We, the makers of the game, encourage future game masters to tell their players from where they got the game.

Collaborating artist: Ebba Petrén, Gabriel Widing, Moa Hjärtström, Thom Kiraly, Liv Kaastrup Vesterskov and Matthias Hahne Torbjörnsson, 2017.