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Hösten 2021 skapar vi ihop med Pusselbit Games ett nytt verk där publiken följer instruktioner i hörlurar, det vi brukar kalla för avatarverk. Arbetet sker i Ljusne, Söderhamns kommun och i vår nya studio i Bagarmossen i Stockholm. Är du intresserad av att speltesta under hösten? Hör av dig! Det här avatarverket görs inte för ett scenrum, utan kommer kunna spelas hemma helt utan förkunskaper.


Fyra vänner möts i samma rum och tar på sig hörlurar. Appen drar in deltagarna i ett scenario om längtan efter närvaro, vänskap och förändring.

Ekstasis presenterar en situation där du som deltagare med trygga ramar får utforska hur olika krafter tar kontrollen över dig och dina vänner. Ni ger upp ert handlingsinitiativ men får en upplevelse av en annan sorts frihet. Som deltagare följer du manus, ett manus som bara du känner till. Ni lyssnar och rör er tillsammans, men också i varsin egen bubbla. I gli- pan mellan manuset och det egna utförandet ges deltagarna möjlighet att reflektera över sina egna rörelser, tankar och känslor – ett sätt att se sig själv utifrån.

Verket görs för att upplevas med hörlurar på, av fyra personer i hemmiljö, när som helst, och distribueras genom en app.

Ekstasis är resultatet av ett samarbete mellan scenkonstkollektivet Nyxxx och speluvecklarna Pusselbit Games. Medverkande konstnärer: Ebba Petrén, Elize Arvefjord, Gabriel Widing och Leo Låby. Upplevelsen skapas med stöd av Kulturrådet och Region Gävleborg.

  • Öppen visning 30 september på Sionsborg, Buntvägen 1 i Ljusne.
  • Release av app 3 december kl 18, Sionsborg, Buntvägen 1 i Ljusne och stream online.

Nyxxx på UTTRAN II

Albin Werle ställer ut verket Block of Words, Block of Beasts på Uttran II där 34 konstnärer visar verk kring sjön Uttran söder om Stockholm.

Grupputställningen pågår den 16:e och 17:e februari mellan kl. 12:00-17:00.




Nyxxx Summer Space


Elize and Drones

In beginning of june Nyxxx spend a week together at Smoke Screen Studios (Rökridån), Stockholm working on new ideas. Enjoy some photos from the game jam, choreography, concert etc that happened in spaces for tactical meditation!











Thanks to everyone who came to the work-in-progress and thanks to Konstnärsnämnden and Kulturådet supporting our work!


Artist Survival Simulator


We have made a game about living conditions for artists.

Play the Artist Survival Simulator

Play Konstnärsspelet in swedish

The game takes a few minutes to play.

Please leave a comment here when you have played it!

The Hospitality

A game in the space around gifts, loss and collective action.

These days, we are preparing for The Hospitality, a game for Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival. We’ll be performing 15-17th of May. The festival just released their whole program, so lots of interesting things to check out.

So far we have done two game tests, at the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm. This is what it looked like the 30th of January:


Ok, the floor was not like that for real. But as you can see, we are laborating with different notions of space.

This is what it looked like the 20th of February:

This was Gabriel photographing me and Ebba through the door while we were busy preparing a spaceship made of cloth – our first test with scenography, that turned out very well. Then the game testers came, and off we went on a two hour trip in – yeah, you guessed it, space!

We will also game test evenings here in Stockholm the following dates:

  • April 17th
  • April 23rd
  • May 7th
  • May 8th

Keep your eyes open for that! But also, don’t miss the full scale game if you’re in Gothenburg mid-May! Here is some more info about the scenario in it’s present state:

In order for another world to be possible, we have to be prepared to lose the world we are already familiar with.

Welcome on board The Hospitality – a space scenario where you together with a maximum of thirty other players will enter in a sort of role-play, a game or a participatory performance where we try out different conditions or situations that are completely different than those of everyday life.

Three game masters will guide you through a number of scenes where you will make decisions, move and imagine that you are traveling off in space in the company of the other players.

This is not a role-play where you are expected to improvise, perform, play theatre or immerse in a character. The role you will receive is just some simple approaches, tasks and thoughts that you can use in the game – it is made in order for the players themselves to choose how much they wish to pretend to be someone else.

The hosts and game designers are Tova Gerge, Ebba Petrén and Gabriel Widing from NYXXX, a performing arts collective with a strong connection to both the role-playing game culture and the dance world. Among their earlier cooperations are Avatarvaro (Turteatern/Inkonst) and Drömdykarna (Unga Dramaten). NYXXX are looking for new game formats where participants do not have to struggle to find their place, but can lean back and follow a plan, while still sharing a mental and physical experience together with other participants.

The Hospitality is a philosophically stimulating scenario with a nerve of sci-fi. Softness and reflection in an uncomplicated, physical and playful community are some key-words. The scenario happens in a choreocracy – a society where decisions are made through collective movement in space. The choreocratic society decides to initiate a cosmic movement, a travel in space that might never end. During the course of the travel, a lot will get lost – but maybe the loss is important for the community in space?


If you want to check out The Hospitality at the festival, we are here:

In English

In Swedish

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