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Dreamworld materialized

This morning we visited the workshops in Gäddviken where the rooms to Drömdykarna are built and painted. Is was super exiting to see the 3,5 meter high wooden walls in the making! When ready there will be five differently shaped rooms for the participants to explore.






Initiating the work with Drömdykarna (Oneironauts)

We’ve just started to work with our new project for kids 10-12 and beyond. It will be staged at Elverket / Unga Dramaten. Most of what we are doing is completely new.

What we bring from the last big piece Avatarvaro is basically that the audience will get instructions and sensory stimulation from headphones. This time we are using radio transmissions that is targeted to each audience member individually.


Below is the antenna that separates and transmits the signals.


Starting the process involves plenty of practicalities, here bringing pedestals to the studio from the dark and hidden storage rooms of the royal theatre.


Here is where we’ll run the show, premiere March 15:


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