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Month: November 2020

The Cyborg Tarot is available online

Nyxxx tarot deck was originally designed for our work Tactical meditations in 2015. The cards are now available online, including instructions on how to use them. They can work as a conversation starter two or more participants.

Check it out!

Documentation “Hör så tyst det är” at Regionteatern Blekinge Kronoberg


Press photo by Olle Engqvist:

Passivity Rules/Memories of Being Hanged as online performance

Dealing with covid-19 is a big part of 2020, also for the performing arts. In September, we premiered a covid-adapted interactive sound performance for school classes, and now the dance project Passivity Rules /Memories of Being Hanged that Nyxxx is coproducing met the hardening regulations in Sweden through making a movie and online conversations instead of a live premiere. This adventure takes place 20-22 of November, and you can sign up at Skogens homepage.

All the online events:
20 NOV
18.00 PassiviTV with Marika Leïla aka Gorgone
19.00 Online movie screening

21 NOV
18.00 PassiviTV with Hamish McPherson
19.00 Online movie screening

22 NOV
16.00 PassiviTV med Eli Levén (in Swedish)
17.00 Online movie screening

You can also read the program-poem made for the performance here:
Program – Passivity Rules Memories of Being Hanged

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