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Documentation from Art Inside Out residency

Together with the team at Art Inside Out we have done a magazine, available online and in print, in Swedish as well as English. Check it out here or order a print copy at info@artinsideout.se.

Video documentation

A curtain at Laholms teater

As part of the Art Inside Out residency program we thought a lot about the borders between stage and salon. We ended up sewing a new curtain for Laholms teater.

Thanks to Søren Rye and Sofia Luna for joining in the process.

Art Inside Out – Nyxxx in residency program in Laholm, Halland

The residency Room, stage, salon, balcony / Nyxxx takes place at Laholms teater, during September & December, 2019. Open rehearsals:

  • 26/9 18.oo Laholms teater
  • 2/10 18.oo Laholms teater
  • 5/12 18.oo Laholms teater
  • 11/12 18.oo Laholms teater

Free entrance.

Check out the site – turning into a fanzine with text by Sarah Melin, Linus Lundberg, et c.

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