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Nyxxx på UTTRAN II

Albin Werle ställer ut verket Block of Words, Block of Beasts på Uttran II där 34 konstnärer visar verk kring sjön Uttran söder om Stockholm.

Grupputställningen pågår den 16:e och 17:e februari mellan kl. 12:00-17:00.




Nyxxx member Albin Werle show ceramic game design at Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Albin Werle, ‘Ten Spells for Humanity or A Poison Dart for the Ruling Class’, 2018. Installation view, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, 2018. Photo by David Stjernholm.

Nyxxx: Rumour says you are done with your MFA at Kunstakademiet. Tell us about your what you are showing at the degree show!

Albin: I’m showing a piece called “Ten Spells for Humanity, or A Poison Dart for the Ruling Class”. It consists of a series of games in different materials, such as stoneware, porcelain, iron, textile and stainless steel. Each game is centered around an existential risk facing humanity, and all games are collaborative rather than conflict oriented.

Nyxxx: Is it possible to try the games at the exhibition?

Albin: Every Wednesday between 17-19 I’m in the Kunsthal meeting with the visitors to the exhibition. If they like, we play the games, or we talk about them or do something completely different. During that time, it is free admission.

  • The show is on 14 apr – 20 may 2018.

Albin gives talk on Nattens gudinna at Interaction | Unfinished

Here comes an invitation from friends in Alibier, Norway!


Interaction | Unfinished is a one-day event on interaction in arts, larp and entertainment in Oslo, Norway. Daytime, we have short stories told by creators of interactive pieces. Nighttime, we have “tasting pieces” where you can experience or more interactive pieces.

Short Stories

  • The Dinner Party – Anna Karin Linder
  • Larping Into a Museum – Jaakko Stenros
  • Collectively Creating Interaction – Albin Werle
  • Musical Theater of the Future – Cesar Alvarez
  • Co-creating political landscapes in theatre-based larp – James Harper
  • Getting Americans to Touch Each Other – Johanna Koljonen and Bjarke Pedersen
    (more coming soon!)


  • Open Movement Concert – Lo Ersare
  • The Eight Palace – Nina Runa Essendrop and Cesar Alvarez
  • Goddess of the Night – Albin Werle
    (more coming soon!)


  • Place: Kulturhuset Youngstorget 3, 0181 Oslo, Norway
  • 20 February at 11:00–23:00
  • Facebook event
  • Tickets

The event is part of Laivdagene / Week-in Norway organized by Knutepunkt and produced by Alibier. The event is supported by the Norwegian Arts Council.



Albin Werle is a visual artist and a member of the Nyxxx collective. He is currently doing his masters degree at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. His work consists of formulating real and imaginary games in a variety of materials, ranging from ceramics and 3D-printing to choreography and conversations.

Exploring the esthetics of interaction and asking how artists, activists and philosophers can turn into game designers, he seeks to merge the “art world” with the “game world”.

Nattens Gudinna (Goddess of the Night) is written to be performed in a traditional theatre institution. In their work, the art collective Nyxxx focus on utilizing non-hierarchical collaborations internally, and strive to invite the workers of the institution and the participants in the performance to take part in formulating its content.

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