We spent a week in an empty shop premise in Malmö developing new material. In this episode we talk about games as critique of late capitalism, games played by the police, the games of gentrification and how roleplaying games creates community. We are a bigger group than usual, including parts of the artistic team behind Join and game designer/artist Harry Josephine Giles.

In the end you’ll hear an excerpt of us playing a beta version of the X-dimensional Card Game, developed in semi-public spaces (Malmö Live, Studio and Caroli) this spring. If you are into this stuff, join us during Transistor (se post below) or download the game yourself (soon available)!

Voices: Harry Josephine Giles, Moa Hjärtström, Thom Kiraly, Ebba Petrén, Liv Kaastrup Vesterskov, Gabriel Widing.

Music: Elize Arvefjord.

In order of appearance: