Our new work for Uppsala stadsteater is developing. The workshops has started to materialize the fantasies of a kind of temple where different shrines will enable the audience to engage with collective rituals.

Albin Werle has proposed the spatial design of the piece. This shrine is the most complicated structure, inspired by shinto architecture that we encountered on our trip to Japan last winter.



We have also had the opportunity to hang out with a Ellen Norlund and Mira Andersson who will perform in the piece together with Fransisco Sobrado (not in the picture). Nattens gudinna will engage with the hand as an interface between us and the world.


Foto: Micke Sandström

Foto: Micke Sandström

Foto: Micke Sandström

This table will be transformed into a kind of stage for the hands.



We are also happy to have producer Sara Fors on the team! Rehearsals starts in December and the premier will be January 26, 2017.

Locus suspectus, intempesta nocte.