• Aleks S

      Enjoyed the game, but, if anything, it’s a little too…optimistic :). I mean, I’d actually kind of love to be able to reliably find paying work only on the months that I want to, and to be able to randomly fly around the world (actually, I hate airplanes with a fervor that borders on the psychotic…so maybe not that) every few months, or to get a $6000 grant even once a year! So far, this simulation has been going a thousand times better than my actual career 🙂 .

      In any case, I really did enjoy it very much. In the abstract, I think it demonstrates quite incisively the underlying paradox of being a working artist within the boundaries of a capitalist dystopia.

      • admin

        Hi Aleks! Thank you for the feedback. Most people find the game depressing but I agree that it’s a bit to optimistic to be realistic. I never had the 5k euro saved up after my studies, but otherwise it’s basically modeled on our real-life experiences.


  1. Steve

    “Your inspiration is undefined: Error executing macro numword: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined.”

    I think I’ve found an inspiration above “Brilliant”… 😉

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